What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new form of money, based on the internet. It is similar to cash, in that you can transfer it to people or businesses directly, without the need of a bank.

How do I get Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be bought and sold by anyone, anywhere. If you’re looking to buy, try finding a BTM near you. Visit our locations page to find the nearest one.

What can I do with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is just like money, so you can do a lot with it! You can send bitcoin to friends or family, spend them at a growing number of businesses accepting bitcoin payments, or save them for the future!

How do I use Bitcoin?

To use bitcoin, you need a bitcoin wallet. A bitcoin wallet lets you store your bitcoins, or transfer them to other people or businesses. There are a lot of bitcoin wallets available, check out a list here.

Is there a fee when using a BTM?

Unlike a traditional ATM, there is no fixed fee charged by the BTM. Instead, BTMs charge a calculated rate per Bitcoin, generally combining a market rate with a specified markup, so the displayed rate may be higher than what your wallet software or Bitcoin price calculator of choice says. The markup amount, as well as the base exchange used (which will itself vary), is at the discretion of the third-party operator. As such, the Bitcoin price will vary BTM to BTM.

Can I sell Bitcoin?

For sure! Almost all our locations are two-way BTMs, which means both buying and selling Bitcoin. Selling Bitcoin is just as easy as buying. Simply send Bitcoin to the BTM and it will dispense cash in seconds. Please consult our locations list to verify local availability.

What payment methods can I use?

Similar to traditional ATMs, BTMs only accept and dispense cash in local currency. Select locations may accept multiple currencies; a location in Europe could accept EUR & GBP, for example. BTMs do not accept or interface with debit cards, credit cards or other forms of payment.