Enterprise Wallet

Bitaccess’s Enterprise Multisig Bitcoin wallet is a solution for payment processing and high-volume bitcoin transactions. It offers unique features that make it suitable for a wide range of processing scenarios.

bitcoin multisig wallet enterprise
bitcoin multisig wallet


Bitaccess’s Enterprise wallet is designed to handle high volume of transactions with 100% uptime. Based on the same software that runs Bitaccess’s BTM network, it boasts over one year of reliable production use. We offer a variety features for fintech companies who require full control over their wallet.

Our backend has offered no downtime in the past 12 months. Our geographically distributed infrastructure has witheld various targeted attacks, and has maintained its real-time syncronization to the bitcoin network.


  • Secure Bitcoin Cloud Wallet

    Users private is never stored on our server, and any multi-sig keys are encrypted using enterprise level encryption algorithms.

  • API

    RESTful API access to all wallet functionalities, NodeJS and Python clients are available.

  • Audit Logs

    Detailed audit logs of all automated and manual data entries and updates.


    Real time notifications of any wallet and bitcoin network activity (Email, Slack, Twitter, etc)

  • Support

    Phone, email and SMS support is available for all wallet operators and end customers.


    Securely apply limits (Daily, per transaction, …) on outgoing transactions with a state-of-art input management techniques.


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