Bitaccess Billpay Now Available In The US

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Today Bitaccess is proud to announce that it is extending its bitcoin selling program into the United States with its new product, Bitaccess Billpay!

Over the last several months, Bitaccess has been testing allowing customers to buy bitcoin with vouchers in Canada. The test has gone remarkably well, bringing more people into the bitcoin ecosystem and increasing sales for our Canada based BTMs.

As we launch a limited run in the US, we will be allowing some people from California, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey to buy bitcoin with billpay at nearly 1,000 locations.

The process for using Bitaccess Billpay to buy bitcoin is incredibly simple:

  • Create an order online to buy bitcoin at Buy Bitcoin with Billpay
  • Choose a BTM, bill pay, or voucher location to make payment.
  • Ask the merchant to make a cash bill payment directly to Bitaccess. Bitcoin is deposited in seconds.

That’s it! Buying your first bitcoin just became as simple as paying a bill. We hope that Bitaccess Billpay will simplify the bitcoin on-boarding process for people into bitcoin. No Pins, no Bank accounts, and no wire transfers. Just use your cash to buy bitcoin with billpay.

As a leader in blockchain technology, Bitaccess remains committed to ensuring people have access to bitcoin through the sale and support of our BTMs. Each of our products complement each other and increase the availability of bitcoin to the people it is meant for. We look forward to meeting bitcoin’s newest entrants.