Bitaccess presenting at ETHWaterloo


On October 13th, the worlds largest Ethereum hackathon will take place in Waterloo Ontario. The team behind Hack the North is organizing the event. We at Bitaccess are proud to sponsor this event, and encourage more developers to learn and build on the Ethereum Platform. As Canada’s most prominent blockchain company, Bitaccess encourages the continued development of talent in this field, and no better place that the hometown of one of Canada’s top engineering schools, the University of Waterloo.

On Saturday October 14th from 9:30am – 10:15am, Bitaccess founder Moe Adham, and senior blockchain engineer Shayan Eskandari will be presenting:

  • Title: Bootstrap Ethereum Development
  • Subject: Getting started building on Ethereum and setting up your development environment

Shayan and Moe will be teaching attendees how to get set up with a development environment, through TruffleMetamask and Remix, and to eventually deploy their first smart contract to the Ethereum network.

If you are attending ETHWaterloo, we look forward to seeing you there, and drop by out booth for $5 of free Ethereum of Bitcoin.