Introducing the New BTM SE

BTM SE from Bitaccess
The new BTM SE from Bitaccess

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our newest product, the BTM Special Edition (SE) by Bitaccess.

The Bitaccess BTM SE is a next-generation design, which sets a new standard for bitcoin ATMs; a 2-way machine, purpose-built as a unit to scale your business with, it features improvements to serviceability, security, and critical compatibility for third-party cash logistics. 

This kiosk includes our tried-and-true user experience, and a sturdy, robust frame, for a sleek, enterprise look.

Hardware Features

At a hardware level, the BTM SE differentiates itself with:

  • Expanded 120 note MEI cash recycler, 
  • Superior build quality, 
  • American made Abloy & S&G auditable locks,
  • Dedicated QR code scanning,
  • Thermal receipt printer, 
  • ID scanner, and more. 

Order your machine today and enjoy the next generation, 2-way Bitaccess BTM, at just $6,000 per unit. 

Software Features

Introducing the new BTM SE from Bitaccess

Like any other Bitaccess machine, the BTM SE includes our industry-leading software, offering unparalleled control through a suite of tools and features that make operators’ lives easier and set businesses up to scale. 

KYC & AML Compliance

  • Enhanced tools to flag specific types of transactions for review
  • Built-in verification flags for operators give modular control of purchasing limits.
  • Customizable flags include; Phone Verifications, Sanctions Screening, Photo ID Verification, Social Security Numbers, and more.

Tools for Managing hundreds of BTMs

  • Bulk cash management, including floating & emptying of recyclers
  • Ability to change settings and parameters in bulk
  • Tiered access for multiple users within your organization


  • Integration with Amplitude will allow for deeper insights into your operation and build market intelligence
  • Charts are now available on our operator panel to provide a quick snapshot of revenue, profit and inventory management

Trading & Exchanges

  • Coinbase Prime and are now supported
  • A built-in wallet, including trading for every order, automatic refills, and direct deposits all supported at no extra cost.

There’s never been a better time to get started as a bitcoin ATM operator, and there’s no better tool to scale your business than the BTM SE. 

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