Bitaccess Featured in the Globe and Mail: Money Monitor

Bitaccess has been featured in The Globe and Mail’s Money Monitor series. In this video, Bitaccess founder Moe Adham explains the difference between different digital currencies. Watch it here: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/business/video-money-monitor-a-look-at-digital-currencies/video7325d29a-cdd9-49cf-859a-4b63467e64dd/

Bitaccess Featured on the Fall 2017 Cover of Techopia

Bitaccess has been featured as the cover story of Techopia’s fall 2017 magazine, a publication managed by the Ottawa Business Journal. In this article, Techopia dives into the technical details of […]

Bitaccess featured in the Globe and Mail Report on Business

Bitaccess founder Moe Adham recently provided insight into the emerging market of Initial Coin Offerings (or ICOs) with a report in the Globe and Mail report on Business. Read it here: […]

The Globe and Mail Report on Business features Bitaccess

Bitaccess founder Moe Adham recently provided insight into recent regulatory guidance from the Canadian Securities Administration with respect to virtual currencies, tokens, and ICO’s. This was reported in the Globe and […]

The First UnICOrn

You know what’s cool? A billion dollars. Blockchain technology has entered into mainstream consciousness with the growing resurgence of Bitcoin and the explosion of the ICO space. For years, the […]


Wait a SEC, what’s happening? Speculation surrounding the legality of permission-based token distribution has been rampant from the earliest days of the ICO boom. North Americans wishing to launch their […]

Is the Scaling War Over?

A Look Back For nearly four years, the bitcoin community has debated on how best to scale its nascent technology. During Bitcoin’s earliest days, an artificial block size limit of […]

EFT’s return to Canada

Staging a comeback In 2016, the Canadian market lost access to EFT payments; one of the most useful and beloved methods of purchasing bitcoin. When a popular exchange abandoned their […]

The Futility of Anonymous Currencies

The quest for anonymity has been tied to Blockchain technology from it’s earliest days. When the Bitcoin network was small, and still operated in relative obscurity, Bitcoin itself was championed […]

Key Trends in the ICO Market

Initial Coin Offerings (or ICO’s for short) have been getting more attention as of late, recently with a feature in the Harvard Business Review. At Bitaccess, we have been watching ICO’s […]