Fork in the Road

A hard fork of the Ethereum network has officially taken place, in an attempt take back funds perceived to have been stolen from the DAO. The fork allowed the funds […]

Television, Film, and Bitcoin

Over the years, the public perception of Bitcoin has been colored by its portrayal in news media, with outlets often showing a lack of understanding for the technology and its […]

Blockchain May Cure Health Industry Woes

Serious Medical Difficulties Secure data management is a pain point for many industries, but there may be none more significant than private health care. Security is so lacking that a […]

Blockchain for President

Fairness & Accountability Across the modern world, Democratic governments place the control of their countries in citizens hands. In recent years however, a disquiet has been growing in many nations. […]

Does Blockchain tech require trust after all?

Downward DAO An unknown individual absconded with $60 million dollars worth of Ethereum from the DAO last week. Early reports treated the disappearance of these funds as theft, but the […]

Up, Up, and Away!

Bitcoin has had a better year than Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Disney, Microsoft, Exxon, and Amazon combined. With a rise of 200%+ in value over the past twelve months, the second […]

The Halvening 2: This time, its personal.

Where were you the first time the block reward halved? November 2012: the ‘before times’, long preceding the date most present-day Bitcoiners joined the community. For many, 25 coins per […]

Decentralize all the things!

Centralized establishments have long devalued the input of individuals, skewing the balance of power in favor of government and corporate influence. The decentralization movement now has the power to challenge […]

3 Obstacles Remaining on the Road to Mass Adoption

Bitcoin has come a long way from alpaca socks. In six short years, our community has transformed from a handful of hobbyist cypherpunks into a full blown global financial revolution. […]

Introducing our new DAO overlords

In less than a month, the DAO has officially become the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history, raising nearly than 11,000,000 Ether; or $130,000,000 USD. What is the DAO? The DAO, […]