Key Trends in the ICO Market

Initial Coin Offerings (or ICO’s for short) have been getting more attention as of late, recently with a feature in the Harvard Business Review. At Bitaccess, we have been watching ICO’s […]

The Return of Litecoin?

As contention continues to fester around Bitcoins’ scaling issues, a testing ground for one proposed solution has emerged, as Litecoin considers the implementation of Segregated Witness. In late 2016, Litecoin […]

Join us at the 1st Workshop on Trusted Smart Contracts

Blockchain is gaining interest widely in the technology sector as a novel method to distribute information, value, and trust across networks. The rise of blockchain technology has also resulted in […]

Bitcoin Payment Processing after a Fork

Bitaccess’s software powers bitcoin services in over 10 countries, through Bitcoin ATM’s, retail purchases, compliance and wallets. In serving such a diverse customer base, we get a rather unique look […]

What will it take for a Bitcoin ETF to get approved?

An ETF is an “Exchange Traded Fund”. It is traded just like a stock on a stock market (such as the NYSE or NASDAQ), but instead of representing ownership in […]

Bitaccess Billpay Now Available In The US

Today Bitaccess is proud to announce that it is extending its bitcoin selling program into the United States with its new product, Bitaccess Billpay! Over the last several months, Bitaccess […]

Rubix by Deloitte Installs a Bitaccess BTM

We are proud to announce that Deloitte’s dedicated blockchain technology offering, Rubix by Deloitte, has installed a Bitaccess BTM at their downtown Toronto office. The BTM is centrally located in Toronto’s Financial District […]

Appcoins and the Perils of Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding has been a popular method of raising money for start-ups and projects since the mid-2000’s. In recent years, many have begun to look to the blockchain to further revolutionize […]

Personal Responsibility & the Blockchain

Convenience is a desirable feature that users will pay almost any amount for. Humans have a psychological inclination towards taking the easy path which, in the worst of circumstances, opens […]

Ethereum vs Counterparty

The battle between blockchains has long been a mainstay of the digital currency community. Friendly competition between projects keeps the creative fires burning, and will hopefully ensure innovation for many […]