Bitcoin ATMs Give Financial Tools to America’s Unbanked

It’s been said the best opportunities for bitcoin are likely in the developing world. This is where banking infrastructure is not as prevalent. Yet there are emerging opportunities in the […]

Introducing Our Bug Bounty Program

Today, we’re happy to announce the opening of our bug bounty program to the developer community. Bitaccess has long maintained private bounty programs, allowing security researchers to analyze pre- and […]

Bitcoin Users Reveal More Private Information Than They Realize

Most people think bitcoin is anonymous. In fact, new technologies trace BTC transactions, attempting to identify bitcoin users. A number of startups have raised money to explore these new possibilities, […]

OP_Return Proves Bitcoin is Settlement, Not Just Payment

Bitcoin is digital – it is entirely based on 0s and 1s. A more efficient way of showing 0 and 1s is to use hexadecimal representation. This is also known […]

Send Bitcoin From a Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are a great way to hold bitcoin for certain use cases. When using one of our BTMs, for example, you can buy bitcoin in the form of a […]

Introducing Bitcoin Purchases at Over 6,000 Canadian Locations

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Bitaccess bitcoin purchases at thousands of storefronts across Canada. Customers can now purchase bitcoin using a Flexepin voucher. Available in 6,000 Canadian […]

Bitcoin Thrives When You Don’t Need a Bank to Buy It

At BitAccess, we have made it our mission to bring digital currency to the world. There are many reasons why this is important. The first is that access makes a currency liquid. In […]

BitAccess Cash – Sell Bitcoin Remotely, Cash Out When You Arrive

Have you ever wanted to exchange bitcoin for cash within the same day? Same-day transactions are out of the question for any online service. There are only a few services […]

Top Bitcoin Wallets Prove Block Confirmation Time is a Myth

The block size debate might seem unimportant to people who don’t use bitcoin on a daily basis. However, the biggest challenge in bitcoin right now is dealing with confirmation time. This is […]

What Would You Do With $20 Worth of Bitcoin?

Which is exactly what BitAccess did last week. Our team is made up of a wide spectrum of bitcoin users; from novice to expert. Everyone in the company was given […]